On April 24, 2015 Kevin Harrington a contributor for Forbes interviewed Elliott Wislar on How World Champion sailing techniques can help your business chart a successful course. I mean who better to ask then Elliott Wislar who campaigned on the US Sailing Team for the Olympic bid in 1988 as well as being a two time World Champion in the International One design class in 2010 and 2011. The article from Forbes reads as follows.

How World Champion Sailing Techniques Can Help Your Business Chart A Successful Course
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We are about to enter the third quarter of the year and this is the time that I ask business owners to look at their numbers, their strategies and to determine what course correcting action needs to take place to finish the year strong. Often it’s simply about applying a modified game plan or simply looking at things with a different lens.

I often ask other business leaders what their techniques are to adjust the course and recently I heard a phrase and analogy that I thought was interesting. It comes from the sailing world and is – Velocity Made Good. Basically it a new way to view what Wayne Gretzky said years ago – “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”

“Velocity Made Good is a term we use in sailing that refers to the velocity of the boat in respect to the true wind, or apparent wind, which is the wind on the water. You overshoot the mark and do not sail directly in a straight line, you have to take the curvature of the earth into consideration in addition to the true wind,” said Elliott Wislar, 2 time world sailing champion and CEO/Founder of Clearbrook Global Advisors.

Sailing in a straight line is not the fastest way to reach a mark. Instead, the boat is turned away from the wind which actually creates more forward pressure on the sails and allows the boat to move faster. It seems like the long way to the finish line, but it is the fastest he said.

In the majority of situations, a straight path is moving directly into the greatest amount of resistance. This applies in business, life, sailing and in every situation one can ponder. In business, when you are pushing against tremendous resistance it expends massive amounts of human, financial and time resources. It is more effective, both short-term and long-term, to look at the path of least resistance and make the appropriate adjustments; which often means turning opposite of the path most likely and leading towards the most unlikely route.

“In my experience, I have gained speed and have been able to bring innovative products and services to market that were well received and more profitable by adopting this type of strategic thinking,” said Elliott.

In business, I agree with Elliot that fluid planning is more effective than static planning. In a static planning model, businesses will create a 1 to 5-year business plan. In a fluid planning model, a business creates a 6-month business plan with a strategic thinking outline for 1 to 3 years. This allows a business leader to make adjustments for the potential resistance that is immediately facing your business (in the next 6-months) while maintaining an eye on how the landscape may shift over the next couple of years.

In business, it is important to move early into new aspects and in an innovative direction. This means a business leader must take into consideration the business variables that exist today and analyze them in relation to where the industry and market is moving tomorrow. This is what a true visionary leader does. This takes insight, foresight, patience and the ability to make time for strategic thinking.

I look at companies such as Uber, Apple AAPL +0.94%, Google GOOGL +2.17% and Spanx and I see Velocity Made Good. These companies are not moving in a straight line. They have clearly taken a fluid and innovative approach to expanding their business.

Every day I encounter business owners and innovators all over the world so I feel fortunate that I can apply this principle and share it with you. I just ask you to think about how Velocity Made Good can help you chart a new course with your business?


Here is an interview of Elliott Wislar from NJ.com.  You can check it out here!  For your convenience, we’ve put the article below.

Elliott Wislar’s childhood dream was to sail boats competitively and get paid for it. The ever shifting winds of life may have sent him in a different direction but Wislar has found success, and a little time for his dream, too.

The Princeton resident is an institutional investment consultant, with more than 25 years of financial services experience. Wislar is president of Clearbrook Global Advisors and president of Clearbrook Investment Consulting. The firm is headquartered in New York City, with several offices, including a location in Princeton. Clearbrook works with endowments and foundations, and with retirement plans for corporations, public funds, labor organizations, family offices and insurance offices.

Wislar still finds time to live out part of his dream. He sails boats competitively in his spare time, he said. In June, he successfully defended his International One Design World Championship by placing first in the yachting regatta for the second year in a row.

Wislar spoke to The Star-Ledger about the financial services field.

Q. What made you decide to get into this field?
A. I’ve always worked with institutional clients and really enjoyed helping them meet their goals and needs. Six years ago, with Clearbrook, I made the decision to venture out and do something entrepreneurial.

Q. What is the most difficult part of your job?
A. Time management is difficult, as well as managing successful and brilliant individuals with unique and diverse opinions.

Q. How has the economic downturn impacted your business?
A. It only affected us in 2009 when it really slowed down most of our prospective clients’ decisions. Other than that, in the past six years we’ve had remarkable growth.

— Rhea N. Bernard

ELliott Wislar has been featured on hedgefundintelligence.com.  We wanted to share it with you.  You can find the original article here, but we’ve added a snippet here as well.

“While many investment management firms today are offering a commingled fund in addition to advisory services, and customised account services, Clearbrook Global Advisors steers clear from the product offering and focuses on the advice.

Clearbrook has separated itself from the traditional fund of hedge funds model by classifying itself as an investment management firm that provides individualised solutions through three possible options – advisory consulting services to institutional investors; outsourced chief investment officer services; and customised alternative investment programmes.

Elliott Wislar, chief executive officer, founded Clearbrook  with a background in marketing and business development. He previously held senior executive positions in marketing and distribution with UBS, FleetBoston and The Boston Company, a division of Mellon Bank.

“There was one model before 2008 where people would build products and sell them to clients, and a lot of legacies were built on that,” Wislar says. “We would…”

Elliott Wislar has been spotlighted on digitalfireflymarketing.com.  Below is what they wrote about him.

“Elliott Wislar has been a client of Digital Firefly Marketing for the past two years. We have working with Clearbrook Financial’s CEO to further increase the results and boost his personal SEO and social media. To promote Elliott Wislar we have created a blog, a Elliot W Wislar website and an array of socal media accounts including LinkedInTwitter, Facebook, XING and Quora. This has resulted in raising Elliott’s profile with media mentions with applications such as Bloomberg Business Week as well as NJ.com. Elliott was recently interviewed on Invest Hedge.

In addition to Wislar’s 28 years of financial services experience and being an expert in investment consulting, he also is a world champion sailor. Elliott won the International One Design world championships in 2010 and 2011 and amention on Wikipedia. Elliott also takes on a plethora of charity work such as the Mary Elliott Wislar Memorial Scholarship.

You can follow Elliott on his social media channels on Facebook,TwitterLinkedIn, and About Me. He is also featured on Zoom Info.

Elliott has been featured in many interviews about the financial world including:

Elliott Wislar and the Clearbrook Global Advisors are excited and proud to announce the launch of a new brand interface that reflects the evolution and enhancement of Clearbook’s services for institutional investors.

Clearbrook has rolled out a new logo, marketing collateral, and a brand new website as per their new re-launch. The new website aligns with the firm’s mission of client objectives and will be a platform for creating and delivering creative and original ideas to the industry. As of November 2014 Clearbrook took a culmination of all organizational enhancements and initiatives at the firm over the previous 18 months to create the re-launch.

“We continue to assess the changes in our industry and developed our business model to best suit the needs of our clients. Our senior executive team includes experts in managing assets across traditional and alternative investments, on all sides of the investment relationship. We have cemented new partnerships, rolled out new investment platforms and solutions, and will continue to build-out our offering with new innovations in the coming months,” said Elliott Wislar, CEO of Clearbrook.

“We are excited to present a new Clearbrook brand that reflects our evolution as an organization and our identity as an innovative solutions provider for the sector. More than ever, institutions and high net worth individuals need a partner that can deliver specific and actionable investment ideas. Our ideas are our most compelling credential and at the core of our brand,” said Thomasin Bentley, Managing Director and Head of Marketing of Clearbrook.

The Clearbrook’s website features new resources for investors, including a weekly market outlook published every Monday and case studies of solutions built for client challenges. A section of the website is also devoted to raise awareness for Clearbrook’s non-profit clients, highlighting the work they do in their community. The clients featured in this section will rotate each quarter. In the coming months, Clearbrook will launch a secure client log-in area of the site.

Elliott Wislar was featured on oehub.com.  Find out more here!  Here’s the press release that was featured!

“Investment firm Clearbrook Global Advisors has hired Timothy C. Ng as chief investment officer and Jay Tubianosa as chief risk officer. Also, the firm has promoted Mark Hong to head of research. In addition to his new position, Ng will continue in his role as chairman of Clearbrook’s investment committee.


NEW YORK, N.Y., June 4, 2014­­­­ – Clearbrook Global Advisors, a privately held, independent investment management firm, today announced three key appointments.
Timothy C. Ng has been appointed to the role of Chief Investment Officer. In this newly created role, Mr. Ng will continue as Chairman of Clearbrook’s Investment Committee and set the strategic direction for all investments for the firm’s clients including non-discretionary, discretionary and Outsourced CIO (OCIO) accounts. Based in New York, he will continue to report to Elliott Wislar, CEO.

Over his 32 year career, Mr. Ng has had oversight of more than $5 billion of investor capital on behalf of corporations, pension funds, endowments and foundations, banks, investment advisory firms, and family offices. He was one of the first advisors to place investor capital into hedge funds, portable alpha portfolios, structured hedge fund linked notes, and insurance dedicated hedge fund products

Jay Tubianosa was appointed Chief Risk Officer where he will be responsible for centralizing existing functions and identifying and managing risk across all client portfolios and Clearbrook service offerings. Mr. Tubianosa will work closely with senior management to identify, propose and implement enhancements to the management and monitoring of risk. He has 24 years of investment experience, and in that time has earned risk management credentials including the CFA Charterholder designation, membership of the CFA Institute, membership of the NYSSA, and membership of PRMIA (Professional Risk Management International Association) whereby he earned the Professional Risk Management Certification (PRM).

Mark Hong has been promoted to Head of Research, a position previously held by Mr. Ng. He will oversee all aspects of manager and portfolio research for clients. Mr. Hong, a CFA Charterholder, has over 17 years of investment experience and has been a senior member of Clearbrook’s research team since joining in 2010.
“The current market environment and the needs of our clients have never been more complex,” said Mr. Wislar. “Clearbrook’s experienced team has always addressed our clients’ challenges with innovative and customized solutions. As our business grows, these steps further solidify the depth of our client deliverables, and demonstrate that Clearbrook is committed to setting the highest standards in the areas of investment and risk management.”
“Our centralized Investment Committee is better positioned than ever to continue to deliver investment solutions for our clients while managing portfolio risk,” said Ng. “I look forward to continuing to work with Elliott, Jay, Mark and the rest of the Clearbrook team to meet the evolving needs of our clients.”

About Clearbrook Global Advisors
Clearbrook Global Advisors provides comprehensive, objective investment advice and solutions to institutional and individual investors worldwide. Clearbrook serves as an actively engaged partner to clients, designing, managing and implementing customized investment programs that meet long-term objectives. Backed by nearly three decades of industry experience and dedicated research, Clearbrook strives to select superior investments across traditional and alternative asset classes, capitalizing on current and emerging market trends to deliver value. For more information, please visit http://www.clearbrookglobal.com.”

Last week I sat down with Invest Hedge to do a quick interview on what Elliott Wislar thinks about how investment world currently works and Clearbrook is different.

In my past, I worked in a number of larger institutions that would develop products and then sell the product to investors. The problem is that each product doesn’t fit every client, so the product we developed at Clearbrook was a bit different. We offer advice as our product rather than a list of investment products to sell to our clients.  The advice we offer is sophisticated but can be tailored for a specific client’s needs. Firstly, Clearbrok is a traditional advisory firm which offers our research and advice to about $800 millions worth of investments. Second, Clearbrook works as a firm’s Chief Investment Officer and in that capacity we will manage a client’s portfolio and bring in managers who will buy and sell in different channels for our clients.

For alternative investments like Hedge Funds, we work with our clients on a project basis either with their managers or we go and find a manager of a fund that matches what the client is trying to achieve.

Like any company the product we are selling takes the bulk of our employees time. Out of 28 employees, 18 are full dedicated to research. We offer advice to our clients, so it only makes sense to invest in employees who can provide great research